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Benefits of Automated Window Coverings

When it comes to our homes, automation is a fantastic benefit. For some, this involves hallway lights that automatically turn on and off when you walk by. For others, this might involve sound systems that play your favorite songs to wake you up. For those that are ready to take home automation to the next level, this involved adding automated window coverings to the mix. Featuring a multitude of perks like convenience, privacy, security, safety, and energy efficiency, automated window coverings make a great addition to your home! Read on to discover the many benefits of automated window coverings.

Benefits of Automated Window Coverings near St. Petersburg, Florida (FL), for hard to reach windows

Benefit 1: Convenience

By removing the need to manually adjust your window treatments, automated window coverings are here to make things easy. In fact, one of the biggest benefits of automated window coverings is convenience! For example, our Hunter Douglas PowerView® Automation products adjust your window treatments automatically or in real time with the PowerView® App, Pebble® Remote, or even the sound of your voice when paired with your Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple Siri. This way, you never have to run around your home to achieve your perfect levels of light, shade, or privacy. You can even adjust your window treatments while outside of your home! All you have to do is have an internet-connected smart device, like a phone or tablet, and you can adjust your window treatments remotely.

Benefit 2: Safety

When it comes to our homes, safety is never something that should be pushed aside. That is why another one of the benefits of automated window coverings is safety, privacy, and security. For example, if you are going on vacation but want people to think you are home, you can open, close, and adjust your window treatments remotely. You can even keep your home safe from intense sun damage by scheduling your shades to open at sunrise and sunset, but close during the hottest parts of the day. Another safety feature that homes with small children or pets will love is that automated shades are cordless, so there is no need to worry about trips or tangles.

Energy Efficiency

Who doesn’t love saving a little money here and there? Since you can schedule your window treatments to adjust automatically, you can create a preference that closes them during the hottest parts of the day for extra shade and closes them during the cold winters for extra insulation. This will help keep your home comfortable all year long without disrupting your HVAC system! Over time, this energy-efficient step will help reduce your home’s electric bills. This is just another benefit of automated window coverings.


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