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Factors that Affect Style of Window Treatments

When investing in new window treatments you want them to look great. You put forth the time and effort to choose the right material, color, and style, but certain factors can affect how the result looks in your home. We carry the full line of Hunter Douglas window fashions, and we want you to be completely satisfied with your window treatment purchase so we’ve put together this list of things you should know.

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The Fabric & Material

You may love a certain material or fabric, but that doesn’t mean it will suit your needs. The fabric of a Roman shade, for example, will influence the way the shade hangs, as well as the amount of light and privacy it provides. If horizontal blinds are more your style, choices include wood, faux wood, and aluminum. There are many beautiful solid colors and stain finishes in authentic and faux wood. If you’re looking for a more exciting finish, such as a metallic or pearlescent hue, aluminum blinds are the best for you.

Choosing the Right Color

Bringing home samples of fabric or material before committing to a purchase is essential. Hold the swatches up next to, and in front of, your window at varying times of day as the appearance of window treatments changes with the light of day. Dark colors tend to show less dust and blemishes and are an ideal choice for high-traffic rooms. Rooms with an expanse of windows tend to look better with lighter shades so the room will feel airy and spacious even when the shades are closed.

Slat Width & Direction

Today’s blinds come in a variety of slat sizes. Wider widths make a bold statement, provide more view-through and privacy. Slimmer slats are a good choice for small windows but will also decrease the amount of view-through. Privacy is also decreased as the number of slats increases as you need to tilt them open farther to allow incoming light.

If you have a large expanse of windows, wide windows, or sliding doors, vertical blinds are the best option. They hang straight down and are easy to pull to one side or split in the middle to open in both directions. Horizontal slats are best for smaller windows, both for function and style. Vertical slats will shorten the length of already small windows, and operation will be difficult on a small scale. Horizontal will make your windows appear larger, and operation can be corded, cordless, or motorized.

Inside or Outside Mount

Inside or outside mount refers to whether you mount your window coverings inside the window frame or outside. Inside mounting will give you a more streamlined, minimalist look, but since space is needed to allow the blind to move you will have small gaps at the sides. However, if you have decorative windows that you would love to show off, the light gaps may be a fair tradeoff for you.

An outside mount hangs your window treatments either at the top of the frame or outside the frame completely on the wall above the window. An outside mount allows you more flexibility with style accents, such as valances. You are also not restricted to a certain size blind as you are with an inside mount.

Desired Function

The effect you want from your window coverings, room darkening, light-filtering, privacy, should affect the type you choose. This, of course, affects the overall look of the treatment. If you are looking for privacy, a sheer shade will only do you a disservice. Choose opaque fabrics and materials for the best privacy. You can also combine privacy and light control by going with horizontal blinds or top-down/bottom-up shades.

Working with the Room

Your heart may be set on authentic wood blinds, but if you are choosing window treatments for your bathroom wood is not a good choice. Your lovely new blinds will be damaged by moisture very quickly after purchase. Similarly, if you are hanging treatments in your kitchen, you will need a material that is easy to clean and doesn’t absorb odors. This omits materials like silk from your options.

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