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Roller Shades Refresher Tips

We are definitely used to high temperatures and sunny days in St. Petersburg, Florida. That’s why we also know how fantastic shades are for your home, especially during summer. At the Blind & Shutter Gallery, we carry many different options of shades, shutters, blinds, and drapes. One of the unspoken heroes of our catalogue of window treatments are our lines of roller shades from Hunter Douglas. If you’re not well acquainted with roller shades or could use a refresher on their benefits, read on to learn more about the style and function of these window treatments.

Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades, banded Shades, solar shades near St. Petersburg, Florida (FL)

Colorful Creations

Designer Roller Shades from Hunter Douglas are a core window treatment that offer classic style and function. They are available in all the colors of the rainbow and in a vast selection of patterns-over 400 fabric options mean you will never be at a loss for the perfect match for any space in your home. One of our favorite things about these roller shades is how you can use them to make a stunning statement or allow them to be subtly sophisticated in the background. Just choose the operating system and raise or lower these shades to let in the perfect amount of light.

Inside vs. Outside Mount

Your roller shades can be mounted two ways: inside the window frame or outside of it. An inside mount provides a cleaner, sleeker look and is great for smaller windows. A potential drawback is the ½” gap in either side of the shade that will allow light through. Inside mounts are measured by the width of the headrail that will fit within the frame. If you’ll be using these shades in a room where a little extra light isn’t a big deal, like a living room or kitchen, there’s no problem. In your bedroom, unwanted light can make a big difference, so we recommend going with an outside mount as this type of mount is measured to the width you want the shade to be.

If an inside mount is your preferred option but light control is still a concern, opt for a standard roll rather than a reverse roll. A standard roll allows the shade to roll down from the back of the roll, placing it closer to the window for increased control over the sunlight. A reverse roll shade rolls down from the front and is further away from the window which will allow more light in.

The “Wear Anywhere” Window Covering

Some people love finding the perfect window treatment for each individual window while others prefer finding an individual window treatment that will fit every window. If you’re the latter of the two, you’re going to love how Designer Roller Shades can fit the decor style of any room in your home. Between the huge variety or color choices and the mount options, there isn’t a window that roller shades can’t beautifully adorn. Slim or wide, tall or short, roller shades can work their magic on all windows.

This brings us to our final favorite perk of these super-versatile shades-you can style them any way you like. Do you dig a minimalist, contemporary aesthetic? Use roller shades as a solo window treatment. If you’re more into a traditional look, pair your shades with Design Studio Side Panels & Drapery. You can also opt for a custom valance to find your ideal look somewhere between contemporary and traditional.

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