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The Beach House Look

How to create a beachy feel - no beach required!

Have you always wanted a beach house even though you don’t live anywhere near a body of water? Or maybe you already live near the water and want to make your home look more like a beach house? Either way, you can create a relaxing, fun interior that looks like it belongs near the beach.

Beach design colors can be vibrant and tropical, calm and neutral, or nautical blue and white. Even aqua and white or orange and white can create a beach feel. You can also use lots of beiges and light blues to reflect the colors of the sand and sky.

A home office with a modern beach vibe. Aqua, orange and white home accents create a fun, relaxing vibe.

Ideas for creating a beach house look

  • Choose pale-colored woods for floors, furniture or walls to reinforce a light and casual theme

  • Rattan, wicker or bamboo furniture brings a beach vibe, as do rag rugs

  • Driftwood can be displayed as an art object or used as a table base

  • Look for furniture or storage units made from lobster traps or salvaged wood from boats or piers

  • Purchase window fashions that let in lots of light, and use artificial lighting that’s bright and warm

A living room with rattan and turquoise accents. Pale-colored furnishings with aqua accents reinforce a light and casual theme.

More ideas to consider

  • Add touches from the sea, such as coral and shells made into lamps, chandeliers, boxes and decorative items.

  • Install boat fittings in your kitchen or bath, such as hinges, lanterns and pulls.

  • Use fabrics, throws, pillows, table linens and bed linens with beach motifs, palm trees, surfers and boats.

  • Add artwork that depicts the sea, birds, fish or surfers.

  • You can even display a real boat in your house!! Or a model of a boat.

Sail into a new interior look with a beach theme. You'll feel like you live by the shore every day.

Alt Text Artwork with shells bring the beach inside.

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